Exercism - Jesus Army Life, Day 456

by spidrwegian of flickr.com Okay - I'm going to go public with this one. Having had certain comments about a recent request for a skipping rope I thought I'd explain how tricky it is to do some exercise in community.

Now I know this is going to sound like a moan but did you know moaning uses at least 15 calories an hour so there you go... It's been suggested I do some running which I already do, mostly on weekends - the trouble is that I have to leave for work at about 7.30 in the morning, given that I also want to use some of my morning time to pray as well, if I'm going to exercise and shower I'm finding I have to get up close to 6am. I've tried, I just get tired at the other end of the day.

Doing half an hour of any exercise is difficult because, actually you have to change your clothes, stretch and get a shower afterwards too. You're talking about at least 45 minutes out of your day - and in community terms that's quite a lot.

On the basis that I'm supposed to do 30 minutes exercise a day and that I have a non-active desk job, plus coming up to two hours' car journey for work each day, I'm failing miserably. (For those of you who don't know community evenings are full of meetings so there's virtually no time there.) And then there's the fact that you have to find some room to do it, preferably out of other people's way and certainly away from the embarassment zone of the sisters. We're talking almost mission impossible.

Skipping seems like a useful option because you don't need much space and it's high impact - I can fit it into a busy schedule, don't really need to get changed to do it, but now, following brief mention of the skipping rope the ridicule of the church community is now falling upon me and I'm not sure I'm going to be able do anything to cope with the onslaught except reach for another slice of community cake!


Worcester for Jesus! Jesus Army Life, Day 447

We had a great time in Worcester. We met several people who want to stay in touch and made a lot more friends so we'll be popping back probably some time next week. It was great to be able to share about Jesus with people in a way that didn't seem like we were advertising cold buildings and hard pews.

On Friday night we parked up near the cathedral and were marauded by a load of teenagers. We prayed for a lot of them and some of them expressed a real serious interest in wanting to know God.

Today we marched through town singing and cheering and making a general exhibition of ourselves - people responded well, I think it cut through the consumer frenzy and helped people know that some people are living for something more than the world has to offer.

Worcester for Jesus!


Enough for a fool - Jesus Army Life, Day 445

by Colonel Blink of flickr.com These next few days we're going to be back in Worcester, looking to meet people who are hungry for the Kingdom of Heaven. We've met a couple already and hopefully we'll be catching up with them.

For me it all feels a bit daring, I'm not sure why - it's not as if I've never led a campaign before, I suppose that's just the subversive nature of the Kingdom (denying the world, lifting the humbled etc.) ... but whatever I'm feeling there are people who really could do with knowing that there's a God who cares, who hates the way people are treated and who has acted to rescue us all from any misery. That's important enough to look a fool for.


Vital men - Jesus Army Life, Day 441

by Dorn H UK of flickr.comLast night at 'Men Alive for God' one of the apostolic men gave a brilliant heartfelt speech about the many men in his household. He spoke of how he wanted them to be free to express their daring and wildness, he refused to be intimidated by their new initiative or youthful character but instead wanted to encourage them into more. He said he wanted the kind of men with him whom he could rely on in times of trouble.

This morning I went for a short run with one of our young men. I'm determined to see him enter the Kingdom fully, I want to make allowances for any short-falls on his part and be loving enough to meet him in them. I want to encourage his enthusiasm. He's got an uphill struggle to fight but I want to marching up with him.


Deeper joy - Jesus Army Life, Day440

by simon pais of flickr.comOne of the beauties of community are those incidental chats you have with people where you connect with them just a little bit more.

So yesterday I was chatting over morning coffee to a woman who's trying out community for a month, and we got round to discussing the biblical commandment: "Always be joyful" (1 Thessalonians 5:16). Often this woman has said that she doesn't like theological stuff but in a few moments we were exploring the depths of what such an attitude required.

We agreed it's a beautiful verse revealing the profound realness of Christian faith; we're well aware that life has its sad times and its happy times and yet the requirement to always be joyful shows that the Christian's life is based on a deeper groundwork of faith than mere emotion.

And all that at 7.15 in the morning.


Untouched - Jesus Army Life, Day 439

by Hunaish of flickr.comIt's 5:30am. I've been up for an hour already. There's been lots going on, both in the house and in my soul... I guess I've found things a bit tough lately.

In Agape there was a question asked about family - how close you felt to the household - that kind of stuff. Everyone else seemed to find it easy but it was tough for me. I love this household, they are family to me, but I guess I'm not as close as I'd like to be. Something God's got to work on.

I'm very close to my real family and I love all these guys here. But within me something feels unknown. It's like there's a bridge that hasn't been crossed and on the other side is a paradise in my heart. Few have ever crossed there, but until you get there I just feel maybe you don't know me like I know me - if that makes any sense.

I really do love the people here - they are very special to me. It's just there's something untouched.