Learning to love God - Jesus Army Life

How do you learn to love God? Or if you love God already how do you grow to love him more?

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I'm not sure, but I guess it's about letting God fill your life in every way, giving him every part and hiding nothing from him, and, practically, choosing to be obedient - denying yourself so he can then fill you even more.

For me I know I tend to approach God by trying to understand things rather then opening my heart to him but I'm slowly learning the heart has some advantages over the head.

Any suggestions kindly received.
Photo by canonsnapper of flickr.com


Choosing - Jesus Army Life

Making life decisions isn't easy, but you can't really hide away from them - they knock around your subconscious until you face them.

(And it's difficult asking God when you can't trust your own heart.)

So what do you do? I guess you can always change your mindphoto by Brave Heart on Flickr.com - but the prospect of doing so can seem almost as scary as making the decision in the first place. Call me a coward.

I don't think I'm normally like this. Perhaps I've been burnt too many times before. You can lose hope after a while - it can seem safer not to bother trying at all - but that's not really going to help anyone.

And the positives? Prospects of change, greater service to God, times of blessing and joy. What's the risk?

It's the fear of the great unknown - but when you've climbed onto the diving board, you can't really choose not to jump, no matter how stupid you look when you enter the water.

Photo by Brave Heart on Flickr.com