Debris - Jesus Army Life

In Christian circles we talk about 'the battle' like we're hardened veterans facing an old enemy. What it means is that we've been going through hard times. At White Stone that has certainly been true and, although we've come through, it has not been without its losses.

At the latest sign of trouble on Sunday we rallied together for some prayer and a sister had this prophetic picture. I thought it was quite meaningful so I've put it up here.

A picture of a single room house, (like in Jesus’ time), representing White Stone. There had been battle, turmoil but this was over.photo by onnufry of flickr.com

However there was lots of dust and debris left behind. When the woman tried to sweep this away the dust flew up into the air and caused confusion; she could not see properly.

What you have to do in that situation is sprinkle water on the floor. The dust sticks to the water and you can sweep it away.

The Holy Spirit is saying ’Many of your battles from 2008 are over, but you cannot see that clearly and feel like you are still in the battle. Ask the Holy Spirit to come like rain to cleanse you and the house and then you will know the truth and be able to move on.
We should keep inviting the Holy Spirit when we pray or worship alone or together. As we do so we will feel cleaner and see clearly. This is not a one time event but a continuous need at the moment.

Jesus promises, "the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life." Amen, let Him pour.

Photo by onnufry of flickr.com